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In this section, you will find links to all of the tutorial sections on this website. Most of these tutorials require at least a basic understanding of object-oriented programing fundamentals. These tutorials are designed to cover intermediate and advanced programming topics. Please feel free to send me an email about any corrections, suggestions, or feedback.

XNA Tutorials - XNA Game Studio 4.0

In this section you will find tutorials that cover common problems and concepts found in beginning and intermediate video game development. These tutorials make use of the XNA Framework and C#, however a good understanding of another language such as C++ or Java can adequately prepare you to begin designing video games using the XNA Framework.

C++ Tutorials - Huffman Compression

This set of tutorials will walk you through the process of writing a multicomponent C++ program that utilizes the huffman algorithm for the purpose of compressing a file. The first component will determine what data is in the file (character counter), the second will compress the data, and the third will uncompress a compressed file to its original state. Major topics explored are reading/writing to a file, data structures(arrays, linked lists, and binary trees), the Huffman algorithm, and bitwise operations. Programmers are required to have a solid background in C++ or other object-oriented programming due to the advanced topics associated with this tutorial.

Java Tutorials - Three-tier Client/Server/Database Programming

In this series you will learn the concept and structure of a three-tier client/server/database program. Topics covered include client UI creation, TCP/IP networking, multithreading, XML, SQL, database design, and advanced object oriented programming topics. This series is designed for programmers with a basic to intermediate level of programming knowledge.


This section will cover very basic HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery examples. No content here yet.

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